Life is a journey. Life is good. And Life Is Better with Playing Cards! I am a magician with a passion for creating magical experiences, travelling, meeting interesting & fun people and of course – playing around with cards! My Vision is to bring together the worldwide community of cardistry & magic and to make your life better. Out of this passion and ambition I founded AEY Catcher.
I have been working on the AEY Catcher project with full energy for more than a year and now my dream is turning into a reality which is fantastic. In our World-Premiere launch you can finally get your hands on our very First and Unique AEY Catcher Playing Cards.
Aiming to elevate the “gold-standard”, AEY Catcher Playing Cards feature an Amazing, Distinct Design, World-Class Quality and Great to Handle. They allow you to bring out your best, to further develop and show your skills or simply have fun. For a better life. AEY Catcher. Life Is Better with (Our) Playing Cards.
I have fantastic support from my family, friends and my team with highly talented designer Alessa Schröder. Also, AEY Catcher is privileged to have the support from awesome talent in the field of cardistry and magic. Edoardo Cavalieri, Bart Uriot, Felix Meyer,Hoang Nguyen and Hai Do are the first members of our international AEY Catcher Artist Team. All are super skilled, incredibly good and fun – but most importantly “our” artists are also our friends. Big thanks to all of you!
And of course we already had amazing support by many of YOU! Well before the long awaited launch of our deck we already got feedback or requests from literally all over the world and already have more than 3’800 Instagram members even before launch. You guys rock!! NOW IS THE TIME for you to get your hands on the first AEY Catcher Playing Cards. Practice harder. Surprise more. Create incredible magic. Show your skills. Share and give feedback. Have more fun. Have a better life.
AEY Catcher. Life is Better With (Our) Playing Cards
Lukas Aey


Katharina Aey

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