October 13,2017, Amsterdam.

You guys are just crazy.

We have just posted on our Instagram account, if someone from the AEY Catcher Fam would like to meet up, because we were in Amsterdam spontaneously and what happened then, we would never have expected.

After a short time we received 5 messages from people who wanted to come. We were completely surprised, because we never expected this, because it was really very spontaneous of us and we just wanted to try it out! The meeting should take place on the same evening.

Since May 20th we are really active and some of you have actually found the way to a really unplanned meeting. The reason for this was only a short Instagram post in the story. This meeting was ultimately a real adventure for all of us.

Bart Uriot, who was born near Amsterdam, didn't think much of it either. After a short time we realized how strong you are! Our community, you included. We had already had a relatively long journey, but then it turned out that two girls ( one called @cardistrygirl on Instagram ) also took a long journey to spend an evening with the Aey Catcher Fam. In addition, another young man ( @shuffeld_mb ) arrived by train ( he had like a 2 hour train ride ) to spend a short evening with the family. That was really very emotional and touching.

Our evening began in a small bar until we realized that it was too small to spread out with the cards. We found a nice location in the late evening, where we took cool pictures and videos.

We exchanged ideas, motivated each other and collected ideas. It was really a great experience to spend time together and to listen to the AEY Catcher Fam.

A real sense of community has arisen, which was really great!

Worst of all the night was that time passed so quickly. We completely forgot about time and suddenly realized that we had to get the last train. So we packed our bags and went to the metro station. We said goodbye to each other after a really great evening and shouted:"That was just great, we have to see each other again very soon! Everyone went their own way and you felt that it was really sad, even though they had only known each other for a short time.

In which city do we want to meet next time? Well planned and structured by AEY Catcher, of course. ;-)