Are you active on Instagram?

According to September 2017, over 800 million users are active on the platform Instagram every month. The number of pictures and videos in the "Playing Cards" section is also growing enormously. If you only observe the changes of the hashtags like #playingcards or #cardistry, as well as #magic, you can see that it is growing rapidly. Thus the creativity of people grows, because there are many new sources where you can enrich yourself with inspirations. That's of course really great. Instagram offers a variety of daily new inspiration.

We have put together the top 5 of the most creative Instagram users for you in the "Playing Cards" section.

The order of the named accounts is completely irrelevant. All of them are amazing.

Nr. 1: Nicolas Nargeot ( @nicolasnargeot )

Nicolas is one of the most creative. He has really good ideas and likes to encourage his subscribers to think about it. Some of his posts are even very confusing when you take a closer look at his pictures or videos. A look at his account is definitely worth it. You will love Nicolas' account when playing cards are your passion.

Nr. 2: David ( @5of5p4d35 )

David is known for his exceptional image editing skills. Playing cards disintegrate into many individual parts. They float around. Smoke comes out from a deck of cards. These are pictures where every fan of playing cards is simply amazed. Most of the time the focus is on the deck and his face stays hidden.

Nr. 3: Krystian Sochacki ( @kingofcheat )

Also in this case it is a very high quality account as well. Playing cards are in the foreground and this account is more about high quality photography than buying pictures in a certain way. But there are some magic illusions in the form of a photo on this account. Can you find them?

Nr. 4: Edoardo Cavalieri ( @eddycava_

His creativity is always impressive. Not only for AEY Catcher he creates amazingly good pictures, his Instagram account also offers very creative pictures from different decks of cards. He apparently loves to take pictures from the top view. He presents the most beautiful decks in very creative set-ups. He has also photographed for well-known artists such as Shin Lim. Can you find Shin on his profile?

Nr. 5: Michelle v/d Plaats ( @shufflestuffle )

Michelle stands out from the crowd with her great digital drawings. She is very young and talented and has already caused a lot of excitement in the playing-card community. Michelle draws the hottest playing cards and moves and takes the art of playing cards to a new level.

How do you like our selection of the 5 most creative accounts of the week? If you know any other Instagram accounts that need to be considered next weeks, please leave a comment or send us a message to @aey_catcher.  We are looking forward to your feedback.