04 Sep
Interview w/ Birger Karlsson
Birger will also share 5 tips with you... what tips? Read it now.
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28 Aug
Interview w/ Andre Lionel
What is your biggest motivation for doing cardistry? My main motivation changes from time to time. Right now, the cardistry community as a whole motivates me. Seeing newer cardists with their new concepts and fresh ideas inspires me to also create new moves and practice more. They also motivate me to try other types move that wasn't in my area of expertise, for example fans & OH cuts.
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21 Aug
Interview w/ Julia Grewdahl
Why did you started cardistry, Julia? I thought it looked really cool! Before cardistry, I did magic and before/during that time I also built a lot with lego (weapons, candy machines). I liked the "odd" things or the things people didn't expect me to like and cardistry was one of those things that just stuck with me.
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17 Aug
Introducing AEY Catcher Artist Hoang Nguyen

A short interview with the new AEY Catcher Artist Hoang Nguyen from Vietnam.

I’m from Vietnam. I participated in AEY Catcher’s contest and I knew them since then. I won the contest and they sent me the price. After that, we talked and shared each other ideas and opinions. It was really fun!!

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18 Jul
5 TIPS to level up your CARDISTRY Videos!
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