Where are you from and how did you come in touch with AEY Catcher?

I’m from Vietnam. I participated in AEY Catcher’s contest and I knew them since then. I won the contest and they sent me the price. After that, we talked and shared each other ideas and opinions. It was really fun!!

How does it feel for you to be part of the team?

It’s always great to be part of something. I’m very excited and I hope we will do more projects together.

You are a great cardist. When did you started doing cardistry?

When I was 12 I saw my friend doing a magic trick. I was so impressed that I decided to learn magic. After 4 years doing magic I thought cardistry is more interesting and than I quit magic to be a Cardist. Magic is really fun but Cardistry is what I really love. I am a Cardist since four years now.

How many moves have you created so far?

I never count…but more than 30 or 40 I guess!! All the moves and ideas just came to me. I’m a lazy person so I like creating my own moves instead of learning others moves.

Are there any moves you teach on AEY Catcher?

My move “XoayXoay” is available now on Aey Catcher’s website. Check it out now!!! And I’m going to make more tutorials in the future!!

... Thank you! Welcome Hoang.

We are happy to have you in the AEY Catcher Artist Team.