What is your biggest motivation for doing cardistry?

My main motivation changes from time to time. Right now, the cardistry community as a whole motivates me. Seeing newer cardists with their new concepts and fresh ideas inspires me to also create new moves and practice more. They also motivate me to try other types move that wasn't in my area of expertise, for example fans & OH cuts.

However, no matter what my main motivation is at the moment, there's one important thing that I always keep in mind. And that is the fact that cardistry should be fun. If at any point doing cardistry becomes a chore or a hassle to me, I just stop and take a break. Then I come back to it again when I feel like it.

When and why did you start doing it? How did you come in touch with it?

I started doing cardistry around mid 2009. I remember around that time, I joined a magic club as an extracuricular activity in my high school. I've learned a bit of magic at that time for about a year, but mostly self working tricks. I was horrible at sleights. I couldn't do a double lift, and I wasn't even able to do the single card flourish I know at that time, which is the charlier cut (although at that point I don't even know the term "card flourish")

Then one time when we were hanging at the club, one of the instructors showed me and a bunch of my friends something. He showed me a two handed cut. It blew my mind. The way the cards move just looks amazing to me. Honestly, thinking back now, he probably just showed a swivel cut, and he didn't even perform it that well. But it looks incredible to me at the time.

Needless to say, I instantly thought that I want to learn it. But unfortunately I wasn't able to ask him to teach me that day, and Youtube wasn't really a thing yet back then so I didn't think about looking it up. But fortunately, one of my friends at the club did, and he shared it to me. A whole new world opened up for me, and I took a hard turn from magic to cardistry. Then the rest is history.

How is the cardistry community in Indonesia?

Cardists here are all part of Indonesian Card Artists (ICA), with each city / region in Indonesia having their own smaller group.

I'm glad to say that ICA, especially the ones in Jakarta, Bandung, and Jogja have been featured several times on TV, radio, and magazines.

Plus our president, Rama Dimasatria, is the champion of WKC a few years ago. He also joined Indonesia's Got Talent, and while he didn't win, he performed live on TV a few times.

However despite all this, things have been a little slower the last few years. Our older members that head the community have mostly "retired" from cardistry, and now there's only 1 person organizing ICA.

But things are starting to look up this year with newer cardists showing up, and some of our members just got featured on the media again a few months ago. Hopefully things'll get even better from now on.

By the way, ICA has an instagram account : @indocardist. We're featuring some of the best content from local cardists there.

What do you wish for the development of cardistry in the future?

I have no wish for anything, because cardistry has grown far exceeding my expectations, and I'm sure the art will grow even more. The possibilities are limitless.

Do you have a strategy for practising your moves you want to share?

This is something that has been said many times, but sometimes forgotten : practice your moves slowly. This also goes for practicing your own moves. By practicing slowly, we can notice small mistakes and immediately fix them.

I didn't know about this tip in the past, and this resulted in me doing a few moves completely wrong. I'm still trying to un-learn those mistakes today, and it's very hard to do, especially since I've been doing them for years.

What do you think is the best way for creating your own move?

I have no specific method for creating moves. Usually I just sit in front of a mirror / webcam, listen to some music, and do random moves without much thinking. I just focus on the cards, and small ideas starts appearing, like new grips or one specific motion. Then I build on those ideas.