One weekend in Brussels.

You have been in Brussels. What did you do there?

We went to Brussels to film a promotion video for AEY Catcher playing cards with the help of Belgium magician Think Nguyen.

How was it meeting a world-class magician? Have you met Think before?

It is always great to meet somebody that has the same passion as yourself. But to meet someone who is one of the best that’s just an amazing opportunity to learn from and luckily in this case also have a lot of fun with!

I met Think a couple of times before. At the Dutch magic festival he really changed the way I look at magic.

He then said if that I ever need help with a promotion, he is willing to help. So with that in mind the project basically started.

Any "Highlights" you have experienced in Brussels?

Many things come in to mind and that's just of being 1.5 days there. One thing was really outstanding and that was the tourist place Grote Markt. It was beautiful and you also see it in the video.

The fair in the evening was great too and some hidden places Think showed us were amazing!

What can the AEY Catcher family expect from you in the future?

AEY Catcher can expect more promo videos and photos. I will also do livestreams the AEY Catcher IG.

"I would like to start doing magic". What would be your personal advice how to start?

If you want to start with magic you first need to know that there is a different in doing magic and doing a trick.

A trick is something that almost anybody can do. For many people it seems like a puzzle, something you find on YouTube.

But doing actual magic, that really astonishes people and let them wonder, for that you need to be a magician.

And for the latter I suggest going to magic clubs, meet other magicians. And after a while go to a magic festival.

How can people can get in touch with you?

First you need to know a thing about me. I love to meet people, so you can reach out to me very easily. You can contact me on Instagram, Facebook and for booking you can go to my site