14 Dec
Time to party!
From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for your great support. The Kickstarter project has proven that our community is simply the best community in the world! We thank each and every one of you for your support. We really appreciate it. But you have made a great dream come true not only for us, but also for yourself. From now on, you don't have to worry about your card decks anymore. The problem, old metal can, is now solved. If you know what we mean. Your card decks just deserve something special. A home.
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12 Dec
FREE Tutorial
During the Christmas season it is not only nice to have a cool deck of cards, but also to do something cool with it. Whether magic or cardistry - it is of course also a matter of practice. With the right cards, of course, it's a lot of fun!
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12 Dec
5 fun facts about Playing Cards
In today's Advent calendar article we have collected some fun facts about playing cards. Some short, fun & intersiting facts about playing cards! ... Many people agree with the fact that playing cards were invented in China around the ninth century. ... The first printed deck should represent 21 possible combinations of a cube. It was a domino deck with 32 playing cards. ... A deck of cards in a casino in Las Vegas is used for a maximum of 12 hours.
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10 Dec
How to make a tasty gift for your friends!
We will show you how to make a tasty gift for your friends! Spread love!
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09 Dec
Things about AEY Catcher you probably didn't know.
Playing cards have been part of the human life for more than a millennium and are nowadays used for everything like for magic, children's and adults' games and corporate advertising. So it's not a new idea to design a card game, and yet the AEY Catcher Playing Cards set with its minimalist design caught our eye.
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08 Dec
Is this real?
Today there is a surprise on Kickstarter, which many people have been waiting for.
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07 Dec
Who is the winner?

Many thanks for the great participation in our giveaway. We really enjoyed the many, great and nice comments.

The time is up and we have now determined a winner. It was too difficult to judge the winner by "comment". They were all just great!

That's why we randomly selected a winner.

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06 Dec
GIVEAWAY TIME! Only 24 Hours...
Together with the Afew Store and New Era, Yuta Maruyama released the Afew Deck. The deck is almost sold out, but today you have the chance to win an Afew Deck in combination with the AEY Catcher Deck. Yuta has supported the AEY Catcher project from the beginning, so it's a pleasure to work with him and to give away the Afew Deck in combination with the AEY Catcher Deck today.
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05 Dec
To make it short and sweet! We have some free backgrounds for your phone today. You can download them here free of any costs, simply and quickly. Have fun!
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04 Dec
We added something...
Hey! It's nice to have you back. Today, like every day of course, we have considered something very special. Since there are only a few days left until our Kickstarter project is over, we have released some new specials. You'll be amazed. In this door we introduce you to our new specials
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